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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blessing a Virus and Embracing Illness?

So, I haven't posted in just over a week now.  I have been dealing with a virus/sinus infection - or shall I say it's been dealing with me.  One unfortunate thing will sickness is that it doesn't seem to ask us when the most convenient time is to show up lol - it just sort of happens.

So what does this have to do with Universal Law you may be asking? Not a lot honestly ;), but I did do some reflecting while healing.  One way I do healing is through meditation and visualizing healing occurring within the body.  This has multiple benefits.  First of all, meditation relaxes the body which allows the natural healing processes to kick in.  Secondly, it helps you focus your mind not to "oh my face hurts woe is me", but to "thank you for my healing" and to think of other blessings - such as the blessing of having some down time to hang out with my family and watch some movies.  When my mind is not full of chaos and trying to figure out which of my projects to tackle next while taking care of the kids, house, etc. It makes me take time to focus on myself.  It also allows other inspirations to flow through to me that couldn't get through all the noise of the mind before.

When you get that next cold or virus or whatever that goes around, take some time to bless the experiences of down time and allow yourself to rest and not feel guilty for taking some time for yourself.  Everything will be there in a day or two when you get back.

For the physical element of it I highly recommend the herb Astragalus for boosting your immune system.  It is used in conjunction with chemotherapy in Japan to help cancer patients bounce back.  It is amazing stuff and you can find it inexpensively online.  I also use Grapefruit Seed Extract as a natural anti-biotic, anti-viral without side effects.  My results - big sinus infection gone in 2 days.  Much better than the 7 - 10 it usually takes.  Rest, proper diet, supplements and embracing the situation are all key.

What we resist persists - its' another law that ties in with "where thoughts go energy flows" ... It's natural to "fight" an illness, which in turn often keeps us fueling and feeding energy to the very thing we are trying to be free from.  Consider that next time you feel illness coming on and then allow it to do its thing while giving your body what it needs.  You'll find you recover faster and feel even more energetic.

If you are curious about the herbs I used, you can learn more about the herb Astragalus at this website: I highly recommend taking it during the fall/winter months to keep your immunity boosted and it provides a subtle energizing effect as well.

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