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Monday, January 30, 2012

Creating a Sanctuary - Instantly Raise Your Vibrations & Improve Your Energy

We all know that like energy attracts like energy - for that reason it is very important that your home has at least one area that is serene and allows you to detach and feel at ease. 

We just recently redid our bedroom with beautiful soothing colors, a comfortable bed, nice draperies and accented it with nice pillows, candles, a Buddha statue and other items that invoke a sense of serenity.  Having this sanctuary gives us a place away from the kids where we can go to take a breather when we need to.  It also gives us a lovely location to reconnect with each other. 

Ideally all rooms in your home should be free of clutter, function well and feel inviting - however those of us with small kids and pets know that is almost always easier said than done ;).  Having one room that is "adults only" - be it a bedroom or a den etc. is a great way to have a serene space that you can keep clean and welcoming.  Sometimes a five minute escape to your home sanctuary is all that is needed to instantly elevate your vibration.

When you design your room declare it to be a place of peace and restoration and that once you cross through that door you will no longer focus on anxiety, worry, anger and other life draining things and instead focus only on relaxation, inspiration, etc. 

This is a great way to get your vibrations up every day - so invest in your space and make it your own. 

For our space we chose blues that remind us of our favorite Ocean hideaways.  The soft whites/greys with the blues instantly calm and relax us.  The wall art we are about to place is all ocean/island themed with soft muted colors.  This room is so relaxing now and as soon as we walk in we feel instantly at peace and "cozy at home"

Our next project will be the dining room which is already nice but we are wanting to recreate it in a way that is very welcoming and open to our friends/family and gives them a sense of ease and love when they enter our home (our entry way goes straight into the dining room area). 

Choose an area of your house that is your own and finish that first - then next focus on the area you want to use that welcomes others and makes them feel the high vibrational energy that your home embodies.  :)

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