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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Choose Your Words Wisely

Why place such importance on the words you use? 

Words are extremely important yet many of us are not truly conscious of the words we use when conveying thoughts to ourselves or via our own inner dialog. 

Words are what form your thoughts - and thoughts are what drive your feelings.  If what you think and/or feel is negative, chances are very likely the words you are choosing are negative as well.  Choosing your words and changing your dialog are absolutely key to working with the universal law of attraction (and others) to manifest what you desire.

This is a good place to remember the important lesson of focusing on what you do want.  A great way to do this is to be mindful of your inner dialog.  When you catch yourself thinking something negative for example - "I don't want to get sick" (it is cold/flu season after all ;) ) Instead of thinking about what you don't want - focus on what you do and what is.  "I'm so happy and grateful that I'm feel well today" or "I want to stay healthy" These are both positive alternatives and have higher vibrations than the original thought - "I don't want to get sick".

There is only room for positive or negative in your focus at any one time - both cannot exist in harmony.  That doesn't mean negative thoughts don't have usefulness - in my last post I discussed on why you should focus (briefly) on what you don't want.  That is of course, to fully understand what you do!

Try this Exercise: 

Today be mindful of your thoughts and when you pick up on negative key words in your thoughts like "don't" "can't" "shouldn't" etc. stop briefly and reshape your thought to come from a positive perspective and refocus on what you DO indeed want to experience. 

Words are very powerful - in fact one of my original projects that I started over 10 years ago was a project called "Daily Power Words" and in these exercises, positive goals and ideas were centered around a one word Mantra of sorts.  This practice each day allowed me to grow in ways I couldn't imagine at the time and it was a great catalyst on my path.  I share many of these exercises for free at my Daily Power Words website.  I am also linking to a video below that features one of these so you can get an idea how they work and exactly how motivating and powerful something as seemingly simple as words can be. 

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